The Importance Of Foreign Language

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In the past last 50 years, ossification begins "A language is a human being", including Turkey as a result of cases in many countries around the world have traveled a long way in learning a second language different from their mother tongue. Each language has its own cultural and different elements within. Each language has a separate wealth.
Both business areas in need of social space as well as psychological importance and advantages of today is essential to know as it is a great bilingual.
Different elements of each language has its own rhythm and soul and at the same time are in their familiar cultural elements. In short, every language is a wealth
More than 10 years before our country, English or any other language to speak fluently, we see today a wealth counted in that is particularly perceived as something natural like to know Turkish fluent in English and a second or even 3 languages are shown to be reasonable. These other languages are also determined by the business sector in which the company or to his country. In order to be successful in life also means that business and begin to match the English education at an early age to reach their highest career goals, it is necessary to specialize in a second language after bring ourselves to a certain level in this regard.
I can hear the said foreign
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Because language learning requires continuity and again. Foreign language means to know only know in theory does not mean that the grammatical structure of the language. Foreign languages to know, to understand the full meaning of what it is to speak the language and be able to pronounce it correctly. Grammar should begin to lay the foundations for our language here, and also that when we go abroad we have to learn all the rules and permanently with the correct pronunciation. Abroad time we were trying a little too tight in a very short period of time that is easier to learn a good level of language
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