The Importance Of Foreign Language In Japan

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Today, many people in Japan need to learn foreign languages because the times of internationalism have already come. When students enter the university , most of them are worry about what language do they learn. This essay indicates some information. According to some study (list25. “The 25 Most Influential Languages in the World.” list 25) French is the language which every people should learn after mastering English. It is because French has strong historical power, it is an official language of the United Nations, and it is widespread, hence there are many areas where there are many people who can speak French.

First of all, French has historical power. It was the strongest language in the Western in 17~19 centuries. (“History of
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Sometimes, disputes occur there. This is evidence of undeveloped country. In Africa and the Middle East, a religious power of Islam is very strong and control people in this area. Therefore, Arabic is not important on the stage of internationalism yet. Another example is Korean. Korean is very close to Japan, hence sometimes some culture of Korea are often introduced in the television of Japan. Some Japanese people are crazy about this culture. As a result, Korea is often regarded as an important language by them. However, in the sight of history, Korea was not strong country. During the world II war, Korea was ruled by Japan. For this reason, Korea is not strong. Furthermore, their language is also weak on the stage of…show more content…
French is spoken in 29 countries as an official language. This number ranks 2.(The first is English in about 80 countries) The number of native speakers of French is 74 millions and the total number is 163 millions. It ranks 18 and 9. (list25. “The 25 Most Influential Languages in the World.”) Although the number of speakers of French is less , it is widespread all over the world. Compared with German, it is clear. German is also a famous language. The historical code is often written in German. Therefore it is necessary for people who major law to read German. However, actually, German is only spoken in Europe. Below it is showed a distribution map of German. However, in the sight of internationalism, power of (list25. “The 25 Most Influential Languages in the World.”) German do not reach other places. Compared with Chinese. First, Chinese is close to Japan, hence it can be reason why it is important for Japanese students. Second, economy of China is rapidly improving. Importation of Japan greatly depend on China. It is important for Japanese to make good relationship between Japan and China in the future. Third, the number of speaker of Chinese is 1026 millions. It is highest all over the world. (list25. “The 25 Most Influential Languages in the World.”) Chinese is important for these reasons. However, in the sight of internationalism, China is not enough. It is mainly because, although the

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