The Importance Of Foreign Language In Tourism

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As pointed out in a previous study (Giovanis, Papacharalabous, & Tziora, 2016), foreign language has significance in tourism and hospitality industry. It is a necessity for future tourism and hospitality professionals to acquire foreign language competencies in order to excel in the globally competitive industry. Hence, it is important for schools to incorporate foreign language courses into tourism and hospitality programs’ curriculum. Below are some studies with regard to foreign language teaching models and/or strategies.
Based on the results of survey answered by tourism undergraduate students in Turkey, Temizkan, S. and Temizkan, R. (2014) found out that among the four foreign language teaching models namely: Normal Foreign Language Teaching Model (Classical), Compulsory Foreign Language Preparation Class, Concentrated Foreign Language Teaching Model (Hidden Preparation Class), and Voluntary Foreign Language Preparation Class, Concentrated is the most suitable and effective foreign language teaching model in which students take 15 hours of foreign language courses per week during first year, 10 hours, 6 hours, and 4 hours in second, third, and fourth year, respectively. However, in the study of Luka (2016), it is said that nowadays, blended learning has developed importance in learning process. Thus, creation of blended learning language course has been made. It is a combination of e-learning and traditional face to face learning method. Based on the evaluation of

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