The Importance Of Foreign Language Reading

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Nowadays, English is one of the most widely used languages. English is used as a first or second language in many countries of the world for different forms of communication. Several countries use English as their official language along many others including Thailand. It is acknowledged that in the era of globalization, one cannot ignore the superiority of the English language. Connors-Tadros (2014) stated that “English Language Arts generally refers to the skills needed to comprehend and communicate effectively”. The importance of English as a global language means it is an increasing necessity for professional people. All of four skills in…show more content…
Horwitz (1991) has reported a adverse relation between final grades among students of French and Spanish as second languages because of anxiety. The learners may confront such feelings as lack of intention to continue studies of a foreign language with the increasing anxiety. This could have an effect on learners whose future occupations rely on their achievement in foreign language reading. Nevertheless, the causal relation remains controversial because some research indicates anxiety as being helpful. Based on the research works on foreign language reading and anxiety carried out in Thailand, the research in the area of anxiety and foreign language reading is still relatively little. This could imply that anxiety construct involving foreign language reading has been received little attention from researchers. The affective domain should be taken into account of foreign language reading to encourage language students to reach their goal. Therefore, this study regarding reading anxiety has been conducted to examine the level of students’ reading anxiety in foreign language at Graduate School of
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