The Importance Of Foreign Languages

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During my childhood I always wanted to go abroad and always felt a big interest for other countries’ culture. Actually, when I was a teenager I got the opportunity to travel a lot with my parents. During one of our trip I met a person who was able to speak six languages, at that moment I found that “really cool”. By going often on a trip with my relatives, it turned out that I really like traveling and discovering different cultures. From those experiences I learned that mastering a foreign language turn out useful when you’re going abroad. As well, I started to notice that most of the French people that are abroad aren’t able to speak English or even understand any word of it. I started to wonder why French people have so poor skills in foreign languages, more specifically in English. While French and English languages have similar Latin roots, they have a totally different grammar and pronunciation, which actually often confuse French native speakers. I asked myself a question, how could you improve the overall English proficiency in France? It is common knowledge that young kids have a far better capacity of learning foreign languages than grown up adults. However, I didn’t think about this project until I started to work in an International Kindergarten in Taiwan as an English teacher. At that time, I initiated further researches about teaching methods and the capacity of kids to learn a foreign language. Thanks to my personal experience as an English teacher I have seen
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