Is Forensic Biology Important In Criminal Investigation

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Forensic biology is one of the most reliable sources of crime scene evidence. The particular case will require forensic biology because it involves murder, which is a serious crime. All serious crimes attract hash punishments, which may involve spending an entire lifetime in prison (Kayser, 2017). Forensic biology will also be necessary because no human eyewitnesses are present to help solve the mysterious murders. Forensic biology will provide critical leads concerning the people who committed the murder. By examining the DNA evidence obtained from the crime scene, the law enforcement officials can be able to identify the suspects (Kayser, 2017). Identifying the suspects will require the law enforcement officials to match samples of possible suspects with those obtained from the crime scene. A non-match could be a strong indicator that the suspect was not involved.…show more content…
The case indicates that some bodies had undergone decomposition leaving skeletons while another was partially decomposed. It is not possible to prove the identity of the victims without the use of forensic biology, and in particular DNA matching. Matching DNA profiles of the crime victims with DNA profiles of people who have lost their loved ones under mysterious circumstances will help in establishing or excluding paternal relationship, and thus the identity of the victims (Kayser, 2017). It is highly possible that the crime scene contains DNA samples of the person who committed the

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