The Importance Of Forensic Science And Criminal Investigation

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This paper will talk about how forensic science goes hand in hand with criminal investigations. This paper will also take a look into the different ways that forensic science helps aide criminal investigations, specifically in the area of forensic medicine and criminalistics. This paper will also talk about how forensic science has come a long way and how it helps investigators catch perpetrators. Forensic science has also helped free innocent people who didn’t commit the crime that they were imprisoned for. Lastly, this paper is going to explain what the purpose is for criminal investigations. The information gathered in this paper has been done through online articles, books and criminal justice databases. Catching criminals most of the time, requires an investigation be done. This is why criminal investigation is crucial and there are many factors that go into a criminal investigation. Criminal investigation means a reconstruction of the past (Osterburg & Ward, 2010, pg.5). When an investigator is doing an investigation, they are taught to answer the six questions, which are, “when, where, who, why, and how” (Osterburg & Ward, 2010, pg.7). When investigators answer those questions when doing their investigations, to help solve cases. The answers to those questions are very important. Now days, we are grateful to have the technology that we do. This technology comes in handy when handling investigations. Forensic science has a lot to offer a criminal
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