The Importance Of Forensic Science To Crime Scene Investigation

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Forensic Science is the application of sciences to, evidence found at a crime scene. This evidence is found during a collection process called Crime Scene Investigation, the investigators gather evidence from the crime scene and it will be carried to the lab for analyzation to be used in court for criminal or civil matters. The importance of forensic science to crime scene investigations cannot be stressed enough about how essential it is to investigation. These are some the ways that forensic science is important to a crime scene investigation: 1)Identification of a Decomposed Body, this method is used when a dead body is found after a period of time of actual death. The forensic investigators view the decomposed remains and gather the things that can be sued for identification, for example after 24 hours of death the temperature of the body is now equalized with the environment the body is surrounded by and the decomposition process begins from there, the skin tissues are the first to decay after different types of bacteria fastens the decomposition process by eating the skin tissues further more opening it to insects for easy access. The body later starts to change in color and bloat because of the of the chemical inside if not secreted they tend to react together and the body can burst exposing everything. Once the body is found, the investigators the sample of whatever that is remained so that they can correctly identify a victim. This may either consist of dentures

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