The Importance Of Forest Management

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The modern day activities and trend for economic and social development includes activities such as urbanization, mining, industrialization, farming etc. Vast amount of land and forest areas are being used for the purposes of development resulting in an ever increasing decline of especially forest areas through the process of deforestation. Forest areas, forest density and greenness of an area are major issues for ecosystem, biodiversity etc (Banerjee et al. 2014). In forest management and decision making, there is a continuous need for high quality information on forest and the state of forest resources can be monitored by a form of map. Forest maps are effective tool for identifying the state of forest resources and monitoring ongoing spatial process in forested landscapes. One of the most important forest properties is the canopy cover and it provides habitats for many animal species (Panta 2003) and is essential to environmental and economic health, providing additional cooling, increasing property values, improving air/water quality, and contributing to a more beautiful, friendlier and livable community (Panta 2006). Monitoring of forest canopy cover is an essential tool for sustainable management of natural resources. Forest canopy density mapping is one of the most useful parameter to consider in the planning and implementation of afforestation and reforestation programs (Biradar et al. 2005). Assessment of forest density and its evaluation is one of the important

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