My Strength Of Forgiveness Essay

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I Chose forgiveness as my strength because you must be strong to forgive someone all though it can be hard to do, it frees you as a person, and it makes you feel happier and healthier. Forgiveness is not something that can happen overnight. It takes time. Holding on to grudges can make you a very unhappy person. Forgiveness is a primary key to eternal peace and life. Once you let a grudge go, you automatically feel better. People who forgive are happier and healthier than those who do not. Holding on to grudges can harm your health by causing stress. If you are unforgiving, thinking of the event can ruin your day or mood at any time. Repeatedly thinking about the harm that’s been caused can raise your blood pressure and put a strain on your heart. Over an extended period, this can make you more…show more content…
My parents had me in high school, so they never had a stable relationship or home to build in. My dad eventually built a family of his own and moved away to get a better job, so we occasionally talked on the phone. The phone conversations with him were brief. The discussions revolved around how I was doing and promises that he would come to visit; he never did. Sometimes he would come to visit and not tell me. I eventually developed resentment towards him, but no matter how upset I was towards him it wouldn’t change the fact he wasn’t there. At around ten-years-old, my disappointment passed quickly. I believe this was because I didn’t miss someone I barely knew. My mother eventually marries and started a family as well. She married my sister's father, and he became my dad, but that too came to an end which sadden me. At a certain point, we choose to hold on to anger, hate, and pain, and it shows. I realized that I could overcome that pain, forgiving them was easy. I knew growing into a young adult I had to get over it because they had moved on with their lives, so I had to do the
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