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The researcher will first do an extensive literature study. This helped the researcher in getting a better idea of what relevant research has already been done on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. After the literature review the researcher will do a frame analysis. Du Plooy (2012:226) defines a frame analysis as the process in which a researcher examines “repertoires, sub-genres, schemas, viewpoints and frameworks of meaning.” A frame analysis is a type of content analysis to conclude how commentary, visuals and sources shape a certain view of reality (Du Plooy, 2012:27). According to Purvis (2006:118) frame analysis offers a sense of the manner in which particular realities are formulated in accordance to four elements. Firstly, the problem…show more content…
Choosing a topic or medium is the first step. This entails that the researcher will choose a given communication medium e.g. newspapers, radio or television. The second step is to decide on a time period. A researcher needs to explain the importance of the chosen time period. Drawing a sample is the third step in conducting a frame analysis. The sample is largely determined by the time period chosen in step two. After the sample has been drawn, the researcher needs to identify the unit of analysis that will be utilized. This is step four. Step five entails the “selection of a frame typology.” In this step the researcher determines what sort of frame(s) will be utilized in his or her study. The researcher can chose to make use of a primary and secondary frame. The primary theme is the primary frame. The secondary frame is that which supports the primary theme. After step five the researcher needs to determine the study’s operational definitions (step six). This entails that the researcher defines the selected frames. Step seven is the identifying of the news frames. This step can only occur when steps one to six have been done by the researcher. In this step the researcher needs to have the ability to look for frames and also the ability to know what to look…show more content…
The newspapers that the researcher will use are The Mail & Guardian, The Independent, The Cape Argus, “Die Son”, The Cape Times, Rapport, Volksblad, Beeld, City Press and Die Burger. All of these newspapers wrote about the Fifty Shades of Grey film during the time frame that this study will make use of. The time frame will be from 30 January 2015 till 28 February 2015. The reason this time frame was selected is because the film was released during this time in South Africa. Media coverage surrounding the film, one would assume, would have been at its highest. The news coverage before the film’s release would focus more on the film’s plot, its characters etc. Media coverage after the film’s release would focus more on themes that can be found in the film and commentary on these themes. The commentary might include the possible impact on people’s way of

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