The Importance Of Free College

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The way that colleges have changed, has changed tremendously. Some colleges, for example, make you pay a gigantic amount of money for tuition with the room and board. Other colleges, such as community colleges or trade schools, don’t make you pay as much. Colleges are on the verge of making colleges free, we can do this by having separate programs donate to this cause. The examples in this essay show that very particularly and precisely. In addition to that, there needs to be a change. In summary, the verge of making college tuition-free is changing.
In the article New York on verge of tuition-free college for the middle class, the author Lobosco says, “SUNY Chairman Carl McCall and Chancellor Nancy Zimpher applauded the budget deal in a
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This connects to my thesis because someone is trying to make college free for all people, equally. Another piece of evidence makes a good point as well. In the article, The continuing myth of free college, the author states, “But like any policy that sounds simple in a speech, there are plenty of unintended consequences to consider when it comes down to actually putting it into practice.”(Selingo, Jeffrey J. "The continuing myth of free college."). What this quote means is that Selingo is stating that college should be free, but there are consequences to the free college as well. This connects to the thesis by people trying to put down the idea for an opportunity for…show more content…
Here's where it's offered., It says, “Students must be a state resident for at least a year before applying, earned a minimum of 2.5 GPA in high school, and enroll at least part time.”(Lobosco, Tuition-free college is getting bigger. Here is why it is offered.). What this quote means is that schools do not give everyone the right to learn just like everyone else should. You have to be of certain requirements in order to go to college for free. This unfortunately does not work with everybody because there are other people from other states that apply to these types of schools, but they have to pay more than a resident. In my opinion, I chose this quote because they separate the smart from the not so
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