The Importance Of Free Government

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We can 't have a free government where the people cannot make the laws they are governed by. •Experience teaches people the need for being careful when creating free governments. •The representation should understand what people want and they should chase after the happiness of the people. •To create a new Constitution, the people in power should have the same goals from the people because the people give the ones in charge power. They only want to do so is by fair representation. •The number of slaves who can 't afford aid or defense are increasing. A small number can’t resemble the people and their opinions. The choice would mainly fall under the rich people while the middle class would be excluded. A small representation would have a higher chance of bribery and corruption. •People will either follow the law because they believe in it or because they are intimidated, and that intimidation goes against free government and liberty. •The representatives cannot discuss why they adopted a law or anything related. People will criticize and be envious of them because they are seen as a separate group. •Representatives should not be suspected of any dishonesty or disloyalty, or they will be deemed unworthy. •The government should not be governed by force. If it is, it will lead to destruction. “If this system was so framed as to command that respect from the people, which every good free government will obtain, this provision was unnecessary” (Brutus 4).
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