Cost Of Freedom Research Paper

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Freedom In my opinion, we should never fully have freedom. I think that even now we don’t have freedom all the way. People yet still complain that we don’t have enough freedom. Think about it, if we have fully freedom, we would be out of control. Even now without all the freedom, people think that they can do whatever they want. That’s not my only reason though. Freedom can 't just be handed to us. According to Franklin, to have freedom we need to make sacrifices. In his talk he said that Americans can’t be content to mere survival. I believe this to be true. Because people are unhappy with just enough, our leaders have to make sacrifices to be happy. Well, obviously our leaders want to make us happy. So when they try , they either end up getting…show more content…
Without leaders, our country would fall apart though. As I said before, there are people that always want special treatment. And everyone wants to have something better. They, in some way, want more freedom than everybody else. But here 's the thing about freedom. When we have freedom we receive a promise, and that promise is to receive the same amount of freedom as everybody else. Freedom for all, right? There is always a good side to freedom. It could be argued that freedom lets us be ourselves. It lets us show our cultures and thoughts. I mean it isn’t fair that some people don’t get to show their inner selves because of freedom issues. That’s the beautiful side to freedom. To get to know the different cultures and traditions that other people have. To get to know where people come from. However, it does have a weakness. People take freedom the wrong way. Going back to my topic of selfish acts, it makes us do things that are not good. It makes people think that they can do what they want because they have freedom. Like I said before, it makes them do things like murder, steal, and have rebellious acts. If that 's how freedom is going to be then why would we want freedom? Why would we want to live in an unsafe world that has
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