Essay On Freedom For America

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America is a land of opportunity and freedom. Men and women had to sacrifice their lives for what we take for granted today. After this trip I have a very good idea of how powerful our country is now but with the power comes struggle and death. Our country started from a small group of will driven men and now we are the strongest country in the world thriving off of 325 million patriots. Over the last three hundred years many strong men and women have stepped up and led America to victory, our founding fathers are just a few men to broke through the struggle and inspired us to be brave and fight for our country. Freedom, opportunity, and sacrifice is what I think our country’s foundation consists of. Freedom for America didn’t come easy, America lost 3 wars, had one civil war, 1 nuclear war, and we have lost about 1.1 million soldiers in war. Our country has fought about 12 wars and are still fighting for what we think is “peace”. War hasn’t solved everything for this country but amongst all the fighting we have found other things to make this country thrive. In 1803 the US bought the Louisiana territory, that was the start of freedom in this country when people started to make…show more content…
The brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for us is something we can’t possibly think of taking advantage of. America has lost 3 wars and we still have people saying we are unable to be defeated. Losing is apart of life and God has chosen for sacrifice to be apart of fighting for freedom. If America fights another major battle we there will be no life left, the technology the world has reached is unstoppable. Arlington is one place I would definitely recommend to anyone because it’s something I think everyone to do to honor this country. Sacrifice came in many forms for America whether it be caused by war, weather in Jamestown, or terrorists; it takes strong men and women to stand up for their country and
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