Equality In America Essay

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Freedom is something great that the United States of America has. Other countries don 't have freedom like we do. We have the right to vote, freedom of speech, and equality between men and women. I don 't know of anywhere else that have these same things. Yes we might have a president which is kinda like a king but then again not at all like a king or queen. You might say we have a president so you aren 't actually free. Just because we have a president doesn 't mean we aren 't free. It means that we have someone to keep us in line.
We als have laws. The president and laws are to make guide lines so we all don 't go crazy and do whatever we want. Other than those to things we are basically free. We just have a couple of guidelines so we don 't get out of control.
In the United
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Men and women can both vote on whoever they want to. This was all possible because of equality. The world thought that it would be better if men and women had the same opportunities in anything they wanted to do. They now changed the voting age to 18. They changed this because they wanted younger people to have the opportunity to make there own decisions on their own.
Equality is a great thing because it gives everyone the chance to do the same thing. If you didn 't want to do it you wouldn 't have to because you have the right ot do what you want. There are some jobs that are more fit for men and women but if they wanted to try it they could without any question. Women don 't have to be stay at home mothers they could go to work if they really wanted to.
We the people in the United States have the freedom of speech. This means we have a say in whatever is going on. We have the right to protest on whatever we want. Also we have the right to put in a new law. You would just have to wait a while for it to get all the way to the president. To get a law passed it has to get approved by a lot of different people. Until it gets to the president when it gets to him he either passes it or
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