The Importance Of Freedom In America

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Throughout the history of the United States, Americans have always strived to maintain their unalienable rights and fight for what they believe to be righteous. They have dealt with various situations in which their freedoms were infringed upon. Strict and oppressive laws have often arisen in the country’s past, and Americans always fight to abolish these unjust restrictions. However, rebelling to acquire more independence is not always proven to be effectual. For example, before gaining sovereignty from Great Britain in the revolutionary era, the Coercive Acts of 1774 shut down Boston Harbor and implemented further restrictions on the patriots as a consequence of the Boston Tea Party. In Antebellum America, the United States’ Southern slave-based economy led to a multitude of failed slave revolts, including Nat Turner 's Rebellion. The Civil War and Reconstruction era was a time of greatly ineffective slave uprisings, such as the Inquisition in Mississippi, that basically only contributed to the deaths of a large number of people. Finally, the Haymarket Square Riot during the Gilded Age and Progressive period led to almost no workers’ reforms but rather many arrests instead. Revolts initiated primarily to gain more freedom for the people eventually lead to even more harsh restrictions being place upon them. During the Revolutionary era, various colonists were able to successfully battle against the oppressive British empire to eventually obtain their sovereignty and
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