The Importance Of Freedom In America

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Freedom in America is defined by its deepest commitment and highest calling. It is defined by its struggles and triumphs of America’s greatest freedom fighters from the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr., Suzan B. Anthony and so forth. It is a history of honourable deeds performed on behalf of American Liberty. With Freedom being a crucial facet in America, the Bill of Rights aims at protecting that freedom. Fast tracking to the past, on June 21st, 1780 the constitution of the United States was ratified and the “nation” was born. Along with the controversies and difficulties of the ratification, many of the founding fathers had little belief that the constitution went far enough to limit the power of the federal government but most importantly, to protect the individual liberties of the people in America. The experiences of history were that a strong centralized government was a threat to freedom and prosperity, hence the establishment of the 10 amendments proposed by James Madison with the support of the author of the ‘Declaration of Independence’ Thomas Jefferson. The First Amendment The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights was created as a promise or an assurance of individual basic freedom. It is an essential ingredient of the Constitution, establishing and protecting the free press which means a prevention of censoring of the press by the government, mostly preventing the media to print anything from the word go especially if it aims exposing the governments’
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