The Importance Of Freedom In Movies

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Seemingly, everything has its limitations. However, all it takes is the creativity of one passionate person for the boundaries to be broken. This thought isn’t fantastic, it’s simply the truth. Whether the results are disastrous or miraculous, people have the potential to change the world. There are many tools at hand to get one’s voice out to the public, and film is simply one of them, but a powerful one at that. Film grabs the close attention of the audience, but also makes them oblivious to the techniques that are influencing them—mise-en-scène, camera work, sound, editing. It all comes together as both a work of art and message. When that message is one of freedom, movies such as Medium Cool, The Great Dictator, and Dr. Strangelove cause the viewers to reflect on reality. Respectively, these three films have spoken on behalf of freedom from political upheaval, the wrath of unjust rulers, and the dangers of war. Others have spoken for freedom of speech, to marry, to practice religion—ultimately, the universal message is that people want the freedom to live. Thus, through its potential to communicate such powerful messages to the entire world, film has an unsurpassable place in my heart. It is peaceful, but impactful; though they can be controversial, they don’t cause the same harm as a chaotic riot. A film that speaks on behalf of freedom is like an eloquent speech at impassioned march. Meanwhile, in terms of how I have been impacted, a person who has had much

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