The Importance Of Freedom In The Media

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Powerful authorities are widely installed in the mission of influence on the editorial policy of the media with the intention of appropriating, redefine and pointing toward the realization of their own interests without regard for the public, but not caring even for media that are viewed as another tool used in the way of creating capital. The biggest manipulators always point out that all their work, is work for freedom and in the name of freedom. Freedom does not mean licentiousness, irresponsibility and chaos. Freedom of compromising and destroying the universal values (truth, justice, good, love, beauty, solidarity and human dignity), to which it belongs, is not freedom, but verbal or written torture and spiritual violence. The media in the service of any power betray their mission, the place and role in society and the state. Serve can mean losing freedom or abuse free " Čupić, Č. (2010). “Sloboda i zloupotreba slobode u medijima”. Beograd: Godišnjak, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Fakultet političkih nauka. p.217. 3.2. Journalistic freedom .Media freedom can not exist without responsibility. The media that accept pressures at the same time giving up their freedom because they are entering into a vicious circle orchestrated to create "reality" according to the requirements of hidden centers of power which have control over the means of mass communication and privileged access to information. The justification for this behavior lays in the claim that "he who has the power

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