The Importance Of Freedom In The Media

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Libertarian theory, which originally came from libertarian thoughts from the 16th century in Europe(Siebert et al., 1956), supposes the press should be a separate institution that belongs to the people and serves their best interests(Negrine, 2003). The government does not to intervene with the press. Citizens should have right to hear all sides of an argument in order to distinguish truth from falsehood. Milton (1868) states that any forms of control in the press inevitably resulted in a loss of an element of truth. Hence, government exists to serve the individual, and the government serves best when it regulates least in this system(Milton, 1868). However, in physical society, the freedom in the press or traditional media is impossible. Governments exercise regulations or censorship to govern the traditional media and avoid the freedom in the media to treat them. Following the technology improving into the digital age, the social media plays a vital role in the press industry. Many people believe that cyberspace exists with democracy and freedom. It gives “power to the people” and some people come up with cyber-libertarianism to destabilize hierarchies, decentralize the governments, and democratize what was the domain of elite(Golumbia, 2013b). Barlow (2009) asks the governments of the Industrial world to leave internet users alone in cyberspace, which is the new home of mind. In cyberspace, the governments have no sovereignty, no elected government and no moral right to
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