The Importance Of Freedom Of Communication In The Public And The United States

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1. Indeed, many at times some individuals may find themselves question about the reason that why freedom of speech is so solidly entrenched in the American constitutional law and how wide is it being embraced by the general public. Indeed, it is imperative to think that overtime time historians, legal scholars, judges and philosophers have explored and attempted to give theoretical importance for the solid protection of freedom of press.
Moreover, the First Amendment provides protection for freedom of speech that amounts to protection of press and has built ingrained perception that freedom of press is an indispensable tool of self-governance within the democratic society such the American one. According to Tedford and Herbeck (2001) arguments, it can be thought that free press came into existence when America was born.
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2. Nowadays, communication has become instantaneous and it is really important to comprehend lucidly the need for good relationships with the public and the media. In addition, it is imperative too to develop and practice excellent or good relationship with the media and the public.
It is generally deemed that the good media relationship is essential in everyday life of a the society however, the ever changing media landscape give rise to variations in terms of who prefers what and what is being reported. Some of the essential elements of good media include; (1) omission of stereotypes concerning ethnicity, spoken language, etc. and focus on the source for credible information. (2) Always ensure important information on the top to grab attention, and (3) get on the story timely and keep tabs on what is current to establish the right angle and story

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