The Importance Of Freedom Of Religion In Pakistan

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Pakistan in its current situation is a developing country, yet to acknowledge the realization of the fact that, a religious state is bound by the existence of its own rules and regulations. Hence, as laid down in the constitution, “No law shall be made in derogation of the injunctions of Islam”. When we talk about the practicality of laws in our country, one may find a practice, which is, if not completely then partly existing on a notion, opposed to the theoretical side, of which we are obliged to study in our pursuit for education. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right which is said to be given to all the citizens of Pakistan. Practically I don’t find that to be the case. Unfortunately, the people of Pakistan yet alone most developing nations are not aware of their rights and how to claim them. Such research projects are one way of educating the general population and hence, are the beginning to bring about true change in the society. There are some minorities which do not get full access to this right in particular, which thus, forces me to think that whether a religious state can actually provide freedom of religion to its citizens. Where a right has been written in the head of “Fundamental Rights” it becomes imperative for the legal organ of the state to enforce such right to all the citizens. In regard to Freedom of religion, I don’t find this theory to be seen in its practical form. Hence I shall be discussing in detail about the theoretical and practical

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