The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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Oliver Weight
COMM 5300 - Media Law
Law Paper Assignment

Freedom of speech in the United States is well regarded as one of the most fundamental human rights & freedoms we have as a citizen of our great country. With the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States free speech shall not be restricted, as in, Congress shall never make a law or abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press. However, if we look at the courts, they have ruled that freedom of advertising (which is a constitute part of free speech, can be regulated more strictly than any other form of expression) Which, then gives the state the proper authority to control the distribution of false/fake advertising. Advertising in the U.S. is regulated at a few levels, those being federal, state, local, and self-advertising.
The topic of ad regulation is highly controversial to say the least. Take a second and think about it, look at it this way, on one side, we live in a free market time in the U.S., which each product/brand/campaign, no matter what size, has the right to be noticed or advertised to the public. So, many countries practice democratic free speech, and a few people think it should extend to businesses. Then, you have on the other side, not all products/services/political campaigns are equal. Some are neutral, while others may have a serious negative effect on our health, safety or overall well-being on ourselves or what we are trying to understand. When you think of an ad
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