The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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What’s on your mind? Do you have the inalienable right to speak your mind? Are you able to define freedom of speech? No one is able to give a coherent and rigorous idea of what should be protected. The right to speak is one of the fundamental human rights to maintain a democracy which is defined by the people. Besides that, freedom of speech is to speak without being fear of censoring. Everyone ought to know the situation of their country and have access of information in order to trust the country and the government. Additionally, protecting freedom of speech at all costs is to insulate the speech made regardless of the price that some might have to pay. Freedom of speech is indeed a basic human right, but does protecting free speech includes hate speech? Having the freedom to say anything causes the possibility of offending or harming certain groups. Consequently, protecting free speech at all costs might result in the instability of the country. Therefore, I disagree with the statement made that freedom of speech should be protected at all cost. Why is freedom of speech so important? Obviously having freedom of speech is to have the freedom to voice out our mind and opinions without the fear of censorship. All humans ought to be allowed to voice our views and thoughts to the society. Furthermore, to speak up for ourselves is an important development of society and it is necessary for democracy. Freedom of speech protects everyone and enables people to attain information

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