The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves by making a speech without interference from the government. (Cornell University Law School, 2004) This allows the government to be able to know what the citizens point out their views when in a dangerous position. Freedom of speech are in more than 18 countries in the world and still going on even today.

In Singapore, the government restrict citizens to have freedom of speech regardless of race and religion as it caused division in society and I also agreed with this. The three reasons why I should not allowed to speak as they wish on race and religion in public because will offended to someone of any races and affect the economy in Singapore, can lead to violence and increase the chances of riots in Singapore.

The first reason is offended to someone of any races and affect the economy in Singapore because when you speak out of any races or religion who are the ones you dislike, it will cause them to be offended and discriminated on their races. Singapore was used to be a multi-racial harmony and because of this speech said by someone who dislikes other races and religion, the bonding between everyone will be broken. When this happens, during wars times, no one will be able to step out together to fight for Singapore and we will be defeated. In addition, our economy in Singapore will also be affected, different races don’t want to work together as one to improve the economy and different companies will break their
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