The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In Time Of War

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Due to the first amendment in the constitution; Americans have had freedom of speech and writing. Can you think of any time that we haven’t had those rights? How about 1917 when you would be committing a crime for expressing you feelings about the president in the newspaper or writing something that could lesson the success of the armed forces? There was even someone that would go through the mail of Americans and got rid of things that were offensive. One of the people that went through this was Charles T. Schenck. He was sent to court for writing and printing leaflets that urged the draftees to not go if they are supposed to. Though this does sound crazy in the time of was it is a big deal. If we have to use draft it is for a reason. We are constitutionally protected for our freedom of speech. However during time of war that can change if it affects the army. For example trying to persuade young men from signing up for draft, which is illegal in or out of war, would be illegal, do to the need of men in some wars. Senator Robert M. La Follette talked about this on October 6, 1917 in a speech called “Free Speech in War Time.” He stated how we, American citizens, should keep the right to freedom of speech even in time of war. In addition to that we should be more alert of the preservation of this right, because we don’t want to lose it. A little after this was going on we were also taking Japanese Americans and relocating them. We relocated them to labor camps. According

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