The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In Society

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Is It Worth It? Have you ever felt as if your freedom of speech as been criticized or taken away? Sometimes in high school we like to express our opinions and it gets rejected. I have been through this exact experience whenever I bring my ideas into a project and my other group members look at me as if I was stupid. This makes my opinion about being able to share my ideas freely deteriorated. This is also true but the rest of society whether that be a day to day small ideas or big world wide ones. Public opinion should and needs to be shared. There are certain cases when groups of people speak out for what they believe and results in violent actions. Though this does happen, there is no way for riots to completely outweigh the write to freely speak. However some actives of freely speaking have led to violent events, most have impacted the society in a beneficial manner by strengthening unification , societal advancements, and lawful quality. The freedom to express opinion unifies groups of separate people. When one person stands up for a wrong in society and other outside people also stand for the same thing it brings American that much closer to each other. Recently there was a horrific scandal dealing with highly appreciated male figures sexually harassing females in there life. Other women were empowered to get courage to confront their previous stories to finally bring justice to the men who have scarred their lives. As these women continued to speak out about their
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