The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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Everyone loves having the ability to voice their opinions without restrictions. This right is called Freedom of Speech, taking this away from Americans would be the equivalent to causing WWIII. People often use this right to defend themselves when stating opinions However, how long does it take before Freedom of Speech simply becomes Hate Speech? Written in 1789 the Bill of Rights contains about 27 Amendments, these were soon ratified down into the 10 Amendments we’re familiar with today. Amongst these amendments is the 1st amendment, which grants us some of our most important rights as humans. One being Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech means “the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.” Free Speech is what sets America apart from many other nations, some places such as North Korea and Burma have zero tolerance for free speech and disobeying this can be punishable by law. While freedom of speech is a basic human necessity, many feel like we should have limitations to what can be protected under Freedom of Speech and what can’t. Writer Julia O’Reilly is an advocate for Freedom of Speech, but she believes there should restrictions on what’s considered speaking one 's opinion and what’s using this privilege to assault someone based on their gender, race, nationality, or sexuality. “Free speech as a human right should not be a guarantee if it undermines the human rights of another.” One Landmark case that demonstrates this is the RAV v. St. Paul
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