Personal Narrative: My Group Of Friends

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For the sake of the rest of my posts, I really want to explain my group of friends. For this, I have to go all the way back to 5th grade, when having a social life actually started to matter. In that year, there were pretty much three boy-friend-groups in our class. There were the popular kids, who I won't mention a lot until later on. Then, there were the in-the-middle kids (let's call this group b for further reference), who were not popular but not geeks either. That group was not well defined, but everyone knew about them. Then, there were the lower-than-in-the-middle-but-not-geeks (let's call this group c for further reference). Everyone liked them and they were cool, but they were not very popular. Then, there were the people who had friends, some more than people inside the groups, but they did not belong to any group. If any of the people in this position comes to read this, know that this is not meant to offend you in any way. So,…show more content…
As the year passed, I bonded with the group even more, and even more so with specific people, including DDLS, AU, TG, AB, BB, and MA. Everything, once again, was bliss. But, as the year approached the end, I started to notice something familiar. It was starting to become clear there were really two groups in the large group of friends. One-half was more mature and more willing to open up, and the other was not. Slowly, everyone started to accept it, but no one really minded. Still, with every little problem the group faced, the separation was inevitably brought up. Some people want a separation, others do not, but in my opinion, it's unavoidable. Perhaps it's for the good of the group, and perhaps it is not, but the line is becoming clearer, and once it is fully marked, there's no going
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