The Importance Of Friendship In College Life

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Friendship can be built during the college life. A vacation before the tertiary level, somehow, is a chance to prepare. According to Hodgkinson (1967), college life brings many changes which an individual needs to overcome and to interact with the new environment is also a challenge. Bennett (1957) reported that common problems in college include adjusting to college work, social and recreational activities; academic failures, emotional stability, and others. These are some which are reported touching almost every aspect of life. The thrill of a college life can be felt more if a student is far from home. Homesickness is the major problem in this case. This is beacuse family and friends are emotionally attached and they are the main component of someone’s environment. In coping with the new environment, adjustment and adaptation come. Every individual has different adjusting capabilities. It might be easy for some people but for the others, the other way around. College life brings many things. At this point, growing up is one of the most positive things brought by it. Responsibility can drive someone to maturity. Standing by one’s self is learned throughout the college life. According to Brogan (1969), the person may identify himself by examining the relation to social life. One self can be known by seeing it in social situations with others. Some individuals have equally positive evaluation. Academics is one of the major reason why someone enters college. High
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