High School Friendship Benefits

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Woodrow Wilson once said, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together (Goodreads).” I didn’t comprehend what that meant until high school. Nevertheless, the transition from a private middle school to a public high school changed me for the better. It helped me realize what true friends are like and how friends can guide you to change and improve your life beneficially. Now, I believe it’s important to find friends who care about you and help affect your life positively.
Before I came into high school, I didn’t understand what real friendship was. I went to a small private school from preschool all the way to the eighth grade. Though I knew everyone in my class and my school, it was quite difficult to find a group of friends I could truly connect with through those years. However, from the outside, I did see the many groups of cliques in the school. Even though we were all in the same maroon and white uniforms, we were extremely separated. In classes, people would pass their wadded-up notes and
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However, in these past two years, I have learned so many things about friendship. Friends have struggles too. They fight, but they also come together in times of need because they care about each other and want to build each other up, like a second family. My friends want me to be successful in my life. I know that I will be with these same friends in the future because they have the same values as me. We all try to help each other with problems that we have relating to our futures, like looking at colleges and getting good grades through studying together and tutoring each other. At the same time, we help each other have fun and realize that life should be full of quality times with the people you love and shouldn’t always be so serious. I believe that it is important to have friends that care about you because they can help you in all kinds of situations and impact your life
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