Graduation Speech: My First Day Of High School

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It all started Freshman year of high school, walking into school feeling as if I had to be perfect, I need to act in this way to make friends. Walking into all of my classes and just not talking as much on the first day. I recall walking into advisory and someone recognized me, I was the kid that quit soccer after being hit in the face. I was the kid that walked in a weird way, on his tippy toes, I had a “gay” walk to me. I remember the second day of high school, realizing that someone else recognized me, she went to kindergarten with me and oh my god she was the light in my freshman year high school experience. She invited me to hang out with her friends, and I hung out with them for about a week. Until I realized that I didn’t fit into their…show more content…
I would know people in the hallway, and the whole entire school would know me, but not actually know me. They know my name, my face, but not me. No one ever has, no one ever will in my high school. Well at least not until today. I decided to run for a student body position, and that was a great experience in the beginning, but that’s when I ran out of speech ideas. I decided to youtube videos and I saw one with a great funny opening to it, where the paper falls. So I simply decided to incorporate that in my speech, my ideas were my own, everything was mine except one gimmick. After my victory word spread around the school that I had copied my whole speech, I was alone again in a world that didn’t care about the truth. There can be many positives in life, but the people choose to focus on the negatives. Skipping on to my junior year of high school, yes I finally could drive, I have a car yay. Except on my first week of having a car two freshman were getting high in the middle of the streets in the tennis court, the sun was extremely bright, there was a large pickup truck on the left and a toyota on the right. I ended up hitting one of the freshman’s well they say leg but in reality it was the
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