The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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“Tag your it” is how it all started. Just three simple words that created a friendship that has lasted almost a decade. But before all of this, we lived in two completely different worlds. I grew up in Denver until I was about four. Little me, with hair as curly as a sheep 's wool. Cheeks as big as marshmallows. When I turned five my parents decided they wanted to move to Frederick, where my mom was raised. So it began, I started kinder at Legacy. Not only did I just start school for the first time but also a friendship that lasted almost all my life. Abigail is my best friend and has been around for practically all my life. Not only have we known one another since kinder but we 've went through thick and thin together. She 's different from everyone else, she gets me. Abby and I are no longer friends but family. Are relationship is the type of friendship where we guide each other towards the path that 's not only best for ourselves but each other, even when it 's not easy. August of eighth grade year comes around and this adds year eight to the list Abby and I have walked into a new year with one another, except this one is way different from others. This year we 'll be finishing off the little years. The years where all we did was look forward to running outside of our classroom and starting a new game of groundies on the playground, the years where we couldn 't decide who cheated and peeked when we played hide and seek. Now we 'll be walking into the big years with

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