Argumentative Essay: Does Family Become First?

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DOES FAMILY COME FIRST? What it is popularly understood as friendship is the personal and pure affection shared with another person, and it keeps increasing with reference to the relationship. If we pay attention and analyze this definition we are going to notice that is basically the same than our kinships. That is for the reason that we are raised to think that our family and our relatives have to be our friends, and that their love is unconditional. Actually this is indeterminable because it always depends on the way we feel it. As the majority of people understands it: our kinships are almost permanent and indisputable, and our friendships can be finished at any moment after a discussion. But is this truly the way we believe it is? Maybe kinships seem harder to break because there are blood bonds that bind the members, but we can´t choose our family or relatives so we may not get on well with the people that composes it. Maybe friendships and relationships are certainly the people around us that is worth it, and due to that fact, it is why we choose them. And maybe, that kind of things are not always the way we are educated to think they are. In regard to friendships and relationships, we are going to discuss some aspects (related between them) that defend its preeminence faced with kinships. First of all and as we have mentioned before, the fact that we can choose our friends determine that we are with the people we want, with whom we can have fun and with we are happy. This determines the time we spend with them: as…show more content…
That is what we should call a family, because it is possible that, as it is said, “in your family you don´t have friends, but in your friends you will always find a

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