Wilbur Friendship

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Friendship can be a very rewarding and important part of life. Wilbur faces the possibility of death twice in the novel. Despite Wilbur coming close to death, he is saved each time. Without Fern’s love he would have been killed as a runt, and without Charlotte’s love he would be killed for Christmas dinner. Throughout the book, Fern and Charlotte develop a friendship with Wilbur.
The first example of friendship is that of Wilbur and Fern. This friendship begins more of a mother and child relationship. Fern shows loyalty to Wilbur until the end of the book. At the end, Fern seems to lose interest in Wilbur and takes up an interest in a boy. The mother and child relationship reappears with Wilbur and Charlotte because Charlotte is also quite
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She spins words into her web to save Wilbur’s life, even though spinning the words is tiring and difficult for her. She helps Wilbur for one reason only because she cares about him. This shows that Charlotte is a true friend. Templeton, the rat, on the other hand, is not a real friend to Wilbur. Templeton is only willing to lend a hand when there is something in it for him. For example, when he is asked to help save Wilbur’s life, he refuses at first, saying, “Let him die.” Later on, he agrees to pitch in, but only because he wants to keep eating Wilbur’s meals. Finally, Wilbur himself proved that he was a real friend. For example, at the end of the book Wilbur showed that he has learned the true meaning of friendship because he helped Charlotte. He took her egg sac back to the barn, where he knows her babies will be safe. He does this deed not for selfish reasons, but out of concern for his friend.
Charlotte’s Web teaches us that a real friend will help you even if he or she has nothing to gain from doing so. Friendship, an essential part of life, may be the best thing in the world. Without friends, your life would be incomplete. You would have nobody to talk, play, spend time, eat, or laugh with. The power of friendship can be very strong, because nothing should be able to break it. Reading this book made me realize how important it is to help others. Being a good friend means being there when you are
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