The Importance Of Gambling And The Lottery

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Most people do not know that many great religions promote gambling and the lottery. The lottery and gambling have been around for a long time. Back then they played with different items “As for divination, the use in certain cases of similar implements (lots, bones, dice)...” (Hiltebeitel). in many cultures, gambling takes on religious significance in connection with myths and rituals (Hiltebeitel ). The Lottery does better things for the public than people tend to think it helps pay for education, raising revenue, and supports public necessities. A portion of the money from the lottery goes to help with education. “Lotteries are a clean way to get people to do voluntarily what they resent doing through mandatory taxes, which is to pay for education…”(Fahrenkopf 26-30). When people play the lottery a portion of the money that the state takes is put forth for education. “According to a report at the Washington Post, Virginia generated nearly $22 million in revenue just from the Mega Millions game alone”(Public School Review). “$22 million” ( Public School Review) is a lot of money, especially because it is just from Mega Millions that is just one game out of the hundreds they make from the lottery. “During 2011, the lottery brought in more than $444 million for public schools – which makes up about eight percent of public funding for the school system overall” (Public School Review). The lottery must provide pretty often if it makes up eight percent of funding. The lottery

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