What Is Student Motivation?

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INTRODUCTION Motivation Academic motivation is an essential criterion for students in determining their success in instructional settings. A person is called motivated when there is willingness within him to do something. A person who shows no signs of impetus or enthusiasm thus labelled as unmotivated. While discussing the nature of motivation, Ryan and Deci, 2000 stressed that energy, direction, persistence and equifinality are the main concern of human motivation. They explained that motivation is often viewed as a singular concept and they argued it is not the case in every people where they are moved by different types of factors and outcomes. This gives birth to the more contemporary and refined micro-theory of Self Determination where…show more content…
Widely used definition of gamification is “use of game design elements within non-game contexts” (Deterding, Dixon, Khaled & Nacke, 2011, p. 1). The foremost notion of gamification is depleting the ‘building blocks’ of games to apply in real life situation. Although gamification is seen as the latest concept in education, truth to be told, it is not a very new concept. It has been around for some while now and we are using it in everyday life even without realizing it. One such appliance of gamification in our day-to-day life is fitness tracking where we are notified consistently on how we have attained our daily step count and also how many calories have been burnt throughout activities like walking, cycling, swimming and also jogging. Basic gamification elements of points and badges can be seen in any proprietary fitness tracking apps from some well-known players in the smartphone industry. Samsung’s S health, Google Fit, and Apple’s Health App are few very good examples of gamification in fitness tracking. All these 3 companies which are listed in Forbes 500 believes gamification elements like points, badges, and leaderboard will keep people motivated to reach their health goals and they are channeling billions of dollars into developing more sophisticated system aligned around gamification to be released to the…show more content…
H7: There is significant difference in terms of motivation level of students between experimental group and control group in the post-test. RQ8: is there any significant difference in terms of performance level of students between experimental group and control group in the post-test? H8: There is significant difference in terms of performance level of students between experimental group and control group in the post-test. Significant of the study Teachers all over the world are persistently improving their pedagogical approaches in order to keep the students motivated and engaged in the classrooms. This study will inform teachers on how they can incorporate gamified learning in teaching and learning activities thus, helping the students glued to the instruction. Teachers will be able to know the effect of specific game design elements in promoting students’ intrinsic motivation and will be able take full advantage of it in pedagogy. Proper understanding of effect of game design elements will extend teachers’ knowledge in handling students’ motivation by giving importance to the three psychological needs discussed above. One spot-on masterstroke using gamification from a teacher will give intended results in terms of performance of the

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