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factors, a combination of positive parental involvement during the childhood period and childhood skills development can discourage antisocial children away from gangs.
School-based programs
School-based prevention programs are recommended for the school environment because school gangs are an increasing issue affecting more and more students. Youths bring pre-existing gang war to the school environment, and new conflicts are created when opposing gang members come into contact with one another in the school environment. Goldstein and Kodluboy (1998) suggest that programs in school environment must include three types of strategies. The first strategy involves in-school safety and control procedures. The second is in-school enrichment procedures
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A national study showed that, in the 10 percent of schools with the greatest student gang participation rates, only 18 percent of principals recognized that gangs were a problem in their schools (Gottfredson and Gottfredson, 2001). Fortunately, school resource officers and safe and drug-free school coordinators recognized gang activities more frequently (North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and Department of Public Instruction, 2008). Poor implementation of gang interventions in the schools and communities can become a significant problem in reducing gang violence in Trinidad and Tobago.
One of the most crucial factors threatening to the implementations recommended in this research paper is the issue on objective research and development. As stated by Dr Randy Seepersad, “there are many perceptions about crime situation in the Caribbean, an understanding of the relationship between gangs and crime cannot be gained in the absence of objective data on crime in the region” (Gangs in the Caribbean, 2013). The recommended implementations on gang violence can only be successful if the government take proper

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