Gender Discrimination In Education

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Since the beginning of humankind, discrimination is an unfair parameter, which categorizes people according to same criteria such as religion racism, politics, gender and sexual orientations. The most crucial type of discrimination is gender discrimination since “gender” is an inherited feature that was given to human and it is not a preferable thing. Although it is not preferable, people damaged notion of human-being by considering people separately as women and men, and clearly categorized them according to social norms and unfounded information. Contrary to this discrimination, gender is not an indicator of strength, superiority, courage and ect. Gandhi(1930) “To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman. If by…show more content…
According to report is independently published by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE): In the educational life, Girls are unhappy because of limited freedom and a lack of opportunities compared to boys, and feelings that they were less safe or faced more harassment. The boys explained their happiness with same factors: greater freedom, greater opportunities, greater value from society or families.(p.11) 7 . It is evident that girls are feeling unhappy because of made discrimination and this psychological pressure against girls affect undoubtedly negatively their educational success. Not only students but also teachers exposed to discrimination. Students feel that male teachers are ‘more intelligent’ than female teachers, but female teachers are ‘more caring’ than male teachers. Unfortunately, it has become a tradition for societies on Earth. Although women is the crucial part of the labor force, their successes and presences are ignored. Many inequalities and discrimination based on gender discrimination is applied in business. women have less strenght and lower positions and lower wages in the business life compared
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