The Importance Of Gender Diversity In The Workplace

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Diversity that exist within the workplace is becoming one of the important issue among other issues. Diversity is a something that is attention worth that will lead to things like workplace relationships between employees, personal improvement, and inclusion. Diversity also relates to the level of the distribution of heterogeneity within the group of workers in the corporation (Simons et al. 1999). So, a diversity does exist from the different composition of group of personals, in the context of corporation or organization will refer to workers (Kearney et al. 2009). The kind of diversity that is easily notice includes sex, race, educational level, gender, nationality, and age (Harrison and Klein 2007).
In most countries around the world, a person is identified, recognized, and assigned as either female or male at time they were born. The gender then will become something important to be developed in which way that either male or female would have their own role to the society. In the context of corporation, in establishing leading skill and management skill are mostly being taken care of male. This create a way of thinking for most people that a corporation is gendered, where female is considered not as good as male to be put in the top management level (Acker, 1990; Benschop and Meihuizen, 2002).
For many years, gender diversity issues has been getting very viral and catch the attention of academic literature and well known press. Between any other considerations, recent
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