The Importance Of Gender Diversity In The Workplace

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Work places undergo many problems like incidental events of life. It may seem as if there is never enough time to solve each issue but when flexibility is the main component in organization, problematic solutions can be achieved more effectively (Mumford et al, 2000). Work places face multiple problems such as Gender Diversity which refers to the lack of good balance between men and women at work place (Jackson, 1992). Another problem may be the Cultural and ethnic identities which are primarily based on daily practices, rituals and beliefs depending on religion, creed and race. One of the problems that could never be neglected at any work place is harassment (Einarsen et al, 2011). Physical or mental harassment is a serious problem that many companies face today. Poor working conditions exist where employees are not given the necessary environment (Cooper, 1976). Incompetence is a major issue as well (Gonzalez, 2014). It is also suggested that these problems could also exist even beyond office premises as many of the personnel are inept, , no matter what they do. During such situations at work, all the above mention problems of gender diversity, working conditions, communication gaps and complex problem solving are highlighted explicitly comprising all the essential elements that explain their importance and certain solutions.

The main aim of this activity work is to do evaluation of some complex problems that may exist in workplace. All the activities are

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