Problem Solving In The Workplace

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Work places undergo many problems like incidental events of life. It may seem as if there is never enough time to solve each issue but when flexibility is the main component in organization, problematic solutions can be achieved more effectively (Mumford et al, 2000). Work places face multiple problems such as Gender Diversity which refers to the lack of good balance between men and women at work place (Jackson, 1992). Another problem may be the Cultural and ethnic identities which are primarily based on daily practices, rituals and beliefs depending on religion, creed and race. One of the problems that could never be neglected at any work place is harassment (Einarsen et al, 2011). Physical or mental harassment is a serious problem
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Different activities are performed that analyze problems faced by organization in step by step strategic activities. An assortment of problems like gender diversity, communication gaps, incompetence, harassment are identified moreover details are also mentioned on how to consider problems complexity while solving them and what are the probable solutions being recognized. Furthermore the problems are identified in engineering organization such as the constraints faced while incorporating the proposed solutions have been discussed in detail.

Activity 1 Problem Solving in the Workplace
Figure1 Problem Solving in the Workplace 1 2 3 4 Identified problems: Incompetence, Harassment, Gender diversity, Cultural and ethnic identity The current situation at Safety Engineering presents a myriad of challenges at the workplace. The scope of its multi- segmentation is limited but much applicable in companies where the employees are exposed to risks Human beings are different in culture, religion, beliefs in the workplace. Communication across the various departments may be faced with challenges that call for strong communication team. This will enhance bonding between management and employees Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction result from different factors in the workplace, which include hygiene and motivating factors. Therefore, motivating factors enable employees to be content
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Therefore, it paves the way for actual turnover (Tsai
2011, 98). Work place issues which are hard to be resolved at an early stage through effective dispute resolution mechanisms thus ensuring good relationships
Between employers. Special emphasis must be given to changing the patterns of communication and problem solving. The bottom line is that the process should be flexible
Enough to allow dealing with all employees.

Characteristics of the problems The

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