The Importance Of Gender Equality In Society

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Gender equality is an asset to every society. A society that respects women as much as men is more prosperous, both economically and socially. Do you agree or disagree with this standpoint?
According to Legatum Institute (2015), Norway continues to be the most prosperous nation in the world, followed by other Nordic countries. It is also estimated to be among the top gender-equal countries in the world, as ranked by World Economic Forum in 2013. This is an example of correlation between gender equality and socioeconomic prosperity. A correlation I believe stands mainly because women are respected as much as men. Gender equality affects the most vital elements of society. It is beneficial for creating a safe and balanced society, as well as contribute directly in the country’s economic growth. Considering this, I agree with the standpoint for two reasons.
First of all, a society that respects women as much as men is more prosperous socially, because of the benefits it has from women empowerment. Living in a society where man and women are seen equal, means that women before all, have the chance to be properly educated. This of course has its direct impact on the family, especially children. Furthermore, a family that functions in basis of equality has many advantages. According to Michael Kimmel (2015), a gender studies sociologist, children of families with gender equality do better in school. The families are less likely to suffer depression and they are happier and

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