The Importance Of Gender Inequality In Africa

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Well I chose this topic because I am personally a big believer in Gender Equality, and that every human should have the same rights and privileges no matter their gender, race, age, and especially not disrespected or discriminated.When I was researching about all the Goals, I found a picture (Appendix 1)saying that basically 67 countries have had either a female president or prime minister, and one of the biggest territories, wasn't one of them. The United States. Now while thinking of a question, this particular one was always at the back of my mind, as I have always wondered about it, but I thought it was too general. But when you actually look at it, it can be quite a small topic, but wide at the same time. I feel like this is a topic that can have many different opinions and lots of people have discussions about, so I think it will be very interesting to answer. In this essay I will be focusing not just in places like Africa that people say that there is most inequality, but on a worldwide scale. I think that everywhere in the world, there is some kind of inequality. Both women and men suffer sexual and physical harassment inside and outside the home.There are many different opinions about gender inequality. Many people that are…show more content…
If a male athlete wins three silver medals and one bronze and a women gets a silver one and two gold ones, there is a big chance that the male will come out of it with a larger amount of money. Fourteen sports, including sports like rugby and hockey, do not pay any money to women, yet they do to men. In football, if men play for the world Cup, they get 22m pound and women get around about 630,000 pounds! That is a huge gap, and the female team may be considerably better than the male
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