Gender Orientation Pros And Cons

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Gender orientation is a really big debate in the united states almost everyone has their own opinion on it some good some bad but in America we have freedom of speech so everyone has a right to state their opinion. Gender orientation is involved with a lot of different things like sexual orientation is one of them this is when the person either likes girls or boys. Gender orientation also deals with gender some people thinks there are 64 gender some think that there are 2 that’s the biggest in America right now. About 40% of America thinks there are 64 gender the other 60% thinks there are 2. The people who think that there are 2 genders have a lot of evidence to prove their opinion because that’s all they were taught at school or its all they know because that’s all that there ever was.…show more content…
Everyone thinks that this is a stupid debate and it shouldn’t even be a topic but on the other hand people want to fight for their opinion and protest so they can prove their point but that’s what they have to do sometimes to get a point across. Not everyone likes to debate about this topic because they feel it’s stupid but it matters to some people. Lots of things go with gender orientation they are really important to our everyday lives like about what bathroom do they go in if they are one of the 64 genders. There are only male and female bathrooms in America which is a problem that people protest. People who go in the wrong bathroom are considered rapist or pedophils that is a really big problem because thats a bad thing on their permanent record and they could serve hard time in jail for
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