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There are biological differences between the two sexes; being the difference in chromosomes (genetics), physique, the brain and genitals. In the human female there are “two “X” chromosomes on their 23rd pair of chromosomes” while males possess “an “XY” on their 23rd pair.” (Kowalczyk; 2015). Although there are these differences, we cannot use these differences to make conclusions and provide stereotyped models about gender. Gender role identity is influenced by environmental and societal factors which forms part of a person’s conclusion about their personal gender identity. The largest portion of the decision to decide a person’s gender role identity is from outside factors; mostly because of social norms, being popular, or what is expected…show more content…
The parental decisions playing the largest part in determining gender identity. This decision of the parents is considered as environmental influences. As according to Mr Ghosh “The environment in which a baby is reared with respect to gender begins to take shape prior to birth.” (2015). These first decisions made from outside environmental influences that are beyond our control, are the first step towards determining the person’s gender identity. The decision that the person makes to let society influence their gender identity, can influence their gender identity in a positive or negative light. This is in the form of social media; being magazines, the internet, and social sites. Society displays the stereotypical image of what a woman and man should look like and how he/she should behave. This stereotypical image of the “perfect” male or female influences the person to become something that they are not, or what the person thinks she/he should look like to become the “perfect” image. This societal influence can mislead people to find the wrong gender identity for them or lead people in the right gender identity for them. “The mass media 's depiction of women portrays a standard of beauty that is unrealistic and unattainable for a majority of women in society.” (Serdar;

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