The Importance Of Gender Roles In Education

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As one of the most vital foundations of any community, education should maintain pace with the urges of its society and the challenges of the outer world as well. It can be used as a tool to empower the individual who starts as a learner and ends up as a citizen since it is supposed to generate, reflect, and direct social change. In fact, education is established as one key agency of socialization, and its institutions, teachers, and teaching materials as socializing agents. Referring to textbooks as the core of teaching materials in the Algerian schools, our focus will be on their potential as either mirrors of traditional social agendas or as tools for social change. In fact, the textbook under a quality education policy is an educational implement of major significance that can be used as a tool for social change. Cavender and Kahane confirm that “textbooks are intended to provide students with knowledge they will need to be productive citizens and to inculcate the values, customs, and attitudes of the society as a whole’’ (2009, p. 353). Textbooks, then, are considered as mediators for cultural norms, values, and models of social behavior manifested in the assorted content they present, and gender roles are a significant constituent of those models. The way textbooks portray males and females contributes to the images learners build up of their own roles and that of their gender in the society. This

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