The Importance Of Gender Roles In The 21st Century

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In history and today’s world, why don’t men understand women? Why is it hard for women’s voices to be heard? Women have not been appreciated for decades. (This statement is too vague and very biased) Many historical events have happened that have affected women having no say in anything. Women have always been told by taking care of the house or doing everything their partner tells them to do. It has gone on for many years and still some countries this is still ongoing. Gender roles are a social construction which men and woman have been given roles for people to accept them as “normal”. Women’s voice have been slowly being heard through the Middle Ages and 21st century. It is emphasized that gender roles are being the physiological effect, social effect, and behavioral and social effect of one which is identified by gender identity and also socially and historically. There are many expectations in gender roles historically. Gender roles vary from different traditions. In this world, and for the past decades, the world had an expectation that men had to have some source of income to bring into the house to live and have a job no matter what. The world just did not have expectations for men, there were women expectations of that woman took care of the house, like cook, clean, look after the children, serve food after their partner came back from work. Women have been portrayed to be weak, as men have been proven to be more masculine and having those strong characteristics.
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