The Importance Of Gender Roles In Today's Society

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With a world with more than three billion men out of the seven billion humans living on Earth, it is obvious that today’s world is still male-dominated (The World Bank). In fact, our society has created and put into place social norms and gender stereotypes where men are considered the superior, tough, independent, and intelligent leaders of the world, and women to be the inferior, fragile, uneducated, and dependent followers. On the other hand, over the past years, the idea of a person needing to behave a certain way because of their gender, known as gender roles, has been fading and transforming drastically. Today, men and woman are more susceptible and open to breaking the typical gender roles that has been programed into one’s head since a young age, such as men needing to be the ones who work and keep their family financially stable, and women to be the ones who cook, clean, and nurture the children. And although gender roles are still a major part of our society today, it is losing its significance rapidly, where the traditional roles of men working, going to college, and playing sports are now being accomplished by women as well. Women…show more content…
Gender roles, such as men being the ones expected to work, go to school, and play sports, and women to be the ones expected to clean the house and take care of the children is an ideology many individuals believe to be true when in reality it is something that is completely made up by humans and does not really exist. Perhaps, in a couple of years, gender roles will be completely extinct and something from the past, and people will start to live in a society where men and woman are allowed to be the person they truly are and can dress, act, work, or play the way they want without needing to conform and fit into the cruel expectations that society has placed on

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