The Importance Of Gender Studies And Influence In Society

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Gender studies and influence in society.
Gender? This is the most asked option in filling forms for either a job application, contract or curriculum vitae that one has to fill in order to be classified or forced in a category that society has already chosen for us the first minute we are born. Being born with male genitals you will be forced to be a man and nothing other than that. Somehow society as a rule said once you are born with male genitals you will be a man of the house, marry a woman and copulate and your masculinity defines who you are. In this day and age people are rebelling against the notion of being put in a ‘box’; they are exploring their sexualities and finding their gender identifications. In this essay I am going to go in depth explaining the difference between gender identity, gender expression and biological sex and give examples of them from the media, but first I am going to discuss gender studies and its significance in society.
Gender studies refer to the field for interdisciplinary study devoted to gender identity and gendered representation as central categories of analysis. Gender is encountered in every aspect of our lives. It informs public debate legislations, how much money we earn, who
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Recently in the media comedian Russell Brand announced his impending fatherhood with partner Laura Gallacher. He revealed in an interview that he and his partner are considering raising their child Gender-neutral he said ‘let the child grow up be whatever the hell it is”. In commemoration of pride month (June) Planned Parenthood opened doors to the LGBT community to provide compassionate health care and sexual health information for them. The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community fall under gender

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